Sunday, June 1, 2014

Descargar PowerAMP Full Version Unlocker - Android Music Player

PowerAMP Review - Best Music Player for Android

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PowerAMP Sound Quality - 4.5/5

Poweramp on its out of the box form is already awesome. It supports a wide variety of music files and has built in functions to improve the quality of the music being played. For an instance, it automatically level up or down the volume level of songs being  played to maintain the decibels into a certain range for all songs regardless of how they were recorded.

PowerAMP Equalizer - 5/5

This is PowerAMP's trademark feature. The highly cusotmizable equalizer allows user to adjust their sounds depending on their preference. High mids, high bass, mid trebles - you choose. Poweramp also has a couple of built in preset for music styles: rock,jazz,dance,techno - you choose whatever style you want. The options for bass,mids, and treble adjustments is just awesome that it can highly improve the quality of the music even when using cheap headphones.

Interface - 4.5/5

Themes - 4/5

PowerAMP supports customized skins and themes. Ith as great potential though there are only a handful of available good themes right now for Poweramp. We can only hope that more developers will consider making more themes for this music player.

Support - 4/5

PowerAMP has a lifetime support for registered users. Only issue is that they make take some time to respond to queries and issues but rest assured that they will answer any problems that users may encounter.

Final Verdict for PowerAMP

Would we recommend buying PowerAMP? Absolutely YES. For just around 5 bucks, you got the most powerful, if not the best, music player for Android right now. With the price, it's a definite steal for every music lovers using the Android Platform.

More PowerAMP Information.

If you want to check the official site, you can click here for PowerAMP's homepage. If you're having problems on PowerAMP installation, you can check here for full PowerAMP installation process.

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